Every Shipment Counts

Every Shipment Counts

In times of crisis, we need to stand together by supporting one another.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the European shipping industry is working hard to ensure that supplies of goods, equipment, food and energy continue to be delivered to millions of EU citizens.

Therefore, Every Shipment Counts.






How are European shipping and maritime workers helping?

Four out of every ten vessels, or 23,400 vessels in total, are controlled by European shipowners. We and our 685,000 maritime workers, including 555,000 onboard personnel, are working hard to continue to bringing supplies and services to Europe and the rest of the world.

These supplies include essential items like food and medical supplies, as well as energy and raw material. This is why every shipment counts, for all our citizens.





Why is shipping so important to the EU economy?

90% of the world’s trade is seaborne.

In times of crisis like now, it is even more essential than ever to keep the supply chain running. Not only is important to get supplies in and out of Europe, the value chain supports vital economic assets that need to survive the current situation.





How can shipping contribute to the post-COVID-19 recovery of Europe?

Every year, European shipping contributes around €149 billion to the EU’s GDP and 2 million jobs. 76% of the EU’s external trade in goods and 32% of its internal transport of goods are carried by ships.

The recovery of Europe and its economy needs to start with the revival of healthy trade flows. With shipping playing such a major role in Europe's economy, it is essential for Europe's recovery process.


Ways you can help

Our #EveryShipmentCounts campaign has ended, but the crucial role of shipping in sustaining the economy during this pandemic continues. Furthermore, the ensuing Crew Change crisis needs our resolute support and persistent sounding of alarm.

You can help us spread the message by using the hashtag #EveryShipmentCounts

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#EveryShipmentCounts #EveryShipmentCounts #EveryShipmentCounts


#EveryShipmentCounts #EveryShipmentCounts #EveryShipmentCounts


#EveryShipmentCounts #EveryShipmentCounts #EveryShipmentCounts


Would you like to know more about what European shipping is helping during the COVID-19 crisis? Feel free to contact us.

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Head of Communications
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