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ECSA F.I.T. lunchtime webinars (Detailed programme to follow soon)

The shipping and financial services stakeholders are meeting online to discuss the current opportunities and challenges of ship financing related to Finance, Innovation, Transition.


ECSA is organising an event to bring together regulators, maritime experts and the financial services stakeholders to discuss the currently ongoing finance...

Friday, May 7, 2021 - 08:01

Parliamentary event on "EU Ship Recycling Rules: carrot, stick or illusion?"

On May 5, MEP Jens Gieseke (Transport committee/EPP) and MEP Søren Gade (Chair of EP India Delegation/Renew) co-hosted an event organised by ECSA with industry representatives and NGOs on the EU Ship Recycling regulatory framework.  


In his opening speech, Martin Dorsman, Secretary General of ECSA, pointed out that...

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 12:12

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The Neptune Declaration

As a signatory of the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change, ECSA urges all members and companies to join the call. The pledge vows to deliver on the shared responsibility with policymakers to resolve the global crew change crisis that has left hundreds of thousands of seafarers stranded at sea.

The Neptune Declaration


Our 10 Strategic Priorities

The European shipping industry is a success story and a geostrategic asset to the EU in the face of global challenges. European shipowners operate one of the largest, youngest and most innovative fleets in the world. With its diverse fleet of container ships, tankers, passenger ships, bulk carriers, offshore service vessels and many other specialised ships, the EU shipping industry contributes a total of €147 billion to the EU’s annual GDP. The fleet also boasts one of the best safety records in the world. 

WESS Project

ECSA and the ETF, with funding from the EU, are working on a joint social dialogue project from 2020-2022 that aims to contribute to an attractive, smart and sustainable working environment in the shipping sector.