Update of EU Maritime Security Strategy key to address evolving maritime threats

13 Mar 2023

The European shipping industry warmly welcomes the updated EU Maritime Security Strategy and its Action Plan on “An enhanced EU Maritime Security Strategy for evolving maritime threats”. The updated Strategy solidifies the commitment of the EU to enhance its role as a global maritime security provider in a rapidly evolving geopolitical context.

Protecting economic activities at sea is crucial to safeguard the interest of the EU, its Member States, its citizens and its partners. ECSA therefore supports the EU’s objective to strengthen the EU naval operations, such as EU NAVFOR Atalanta, by providing adequate naval and air assets. Drawing upon the lessons learnt from its pilot phase in the Gulf of Guinea, the expansion of the Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP) concept can create synergies and make sure that assets are deployed flexibly and efficiently to respond to emerging threats. In this context, the shipping industry also welcomes the emphasis placed on addressing digital and hybrid threats as well as on enhancing the resilience of infrastructure and offshore installations.

Shipping is essential for Europe’s security – energy security, food security, security of supply. Enhancing Europe’s capabilities in the maritime security domain is key to ensure that global trade lanes remain safe for our ships and their crews, and to address emerging risks such as cyber threats” said Sotiris Raptis, ECSA’s Secretary General. “The updated Strategy especially emphasises the importance of cooperation between regional and international partners in security and maritime domain awareness. The European shipping industry is committed to build on the excellent cooperation with its EU partners to contribute to the objectives of the new Communication and Action Plan”.


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