FuelEU Maritime: a step forward towards shipping’s energy transition

23 Mar 2023

Following months of intense discussions, negotiations on the FuelEU Maritime Regulation came to a close earlier this morning. European shipowners welcome the climate ambition of the new Regulation and consider it as an essential stepping stone towards establishing the right conditions for the energy transition of shipping.

The agreement gives a strong political signal and provides clear climate targets and guidance for the industry as regards the fuels that may be used towards the energy transition of the sector.

In order to meet these targets, it is essential for the Regulation to foster the production of clean fuels. While ECSA had advocated for more robust requirements, it is a step in the right direction that the agreed text gives a more central role to fuel suppliers for the first time. It is very encouraging that the Parliament and the Council are considering binding targets on fuel suppliers for clean marine fuels under the ongoing negotiations for the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive.

“European shipowners congratulate the negotiators for their hard work and the final outcome. This is a step in the right direction to ensure shipping has the right tools for its energy transition. But we need all hands on deck and, in particular, more robust requirements for fuel suppliers to deliver the clean fuels needed. Therefore, we call on the Parliament and the Council to support binding targets on suppliers for clean marine fuels in the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED). FuelEU Maritime, together with RED and the ETS revenues used to bridge the price gap with clean fuels, can put shipping on the right energy transition path”, said Sotiris Raptis, ECSA’s Secretary General.

In addition, European shipowners welcome the alignment of the requirements on Onshore Power Supply with the provisions of the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation so that shipowners are not penalised when infrastructure is not available. ECSA also supports the specific conditions introduced for ice-class vessels, small islands and outermost regions.


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