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Workplace Bullying & Harassment

In the framework of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Maritime Transport, the recognised European Social Partners – ETF and ECSA1 – have been carrying out a joint project aimed at eliminating workplace harassment and bullying in the shipping sector.

This project builds on the outcomes of a first joint initiative conducted in 2004 which developed a training package for use by EU shipping companies, with a view to tackle this intolerable acts of aggression and train onboard personnel on how to deal with it. However, both ETF and ECSA felt that there was a need to follow up on the original project as bullying and harassment continued to be a significant problem in the sector. Furthermore, in view of the insufficient dissemination of the outcomes of the initial project, the European Social Partners decided to update their training toolkit and make any efforts to raise maximum awareness amongst the European shipping community on how to identify and effectively fight against bullying and harassment practices, while making sure all seafarers serving onboard EU-flagged vessels would be made aware of the need to adopt a principle of zero tolerance towards these unwanted behaviours, thus creating a total cultural shift in the sector.

With the support of Videotel International, a comprehensive updating of the training toolkit – including Guidelines, a Video and associated Workbook – was conducted.





The Guidelines                                                     


The Workbook

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