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Career Mapping Project

In 2012, the Social Partners for Maritime Transport, the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) agreed to seek funding from the European Commission to carry out a study entitled “Maritime Career Paths Mapping 2013 Update”.

The aim of this project was three-fold:

  • Update the original Career Mapping Reports from 2004/2005, which provided career path maps for several EU Member States.
  • Add career path maps for Belgium, France, Romania and Norway.
  • Identify barriers to mobility and career progression at sea and between sea and shore jobs for all seafarers and suggest possible practical measures to address these barriers.

The study was carried out by Dearsley Maritime Consulting on behalf of and in close cooperation with the Social Partners for Maritime Transport. The information for this study was gathered from the ECSA and ETF members and affiliates as well as fromactive seafarers and ex-seafarers. In addition it was regarded as desirable to seek the views of trainee seafarers as well as fromtraining providers, specialist maritime recruitment companies, regulators or potential employers. Importantly, the use of social media was considered to be a cornerstone of the project.

Maritime career path mapping 2013 update

Download Maritime career path mapping 2013 update

PowerPoint presentation by Mr. David Dearsley "Project on updateing maritime career mapping"