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Social Affairs

Social Affairs

Shipping is the engine of the European maritime cluster, delivering quality employment at sea and ashore. European seafarers form one of the main assets of the shipping sector, given their high level of training and skills. ECSA represents the shipowners’ interests in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue with its social partner European Transport Workers’ Federation, ETF.

Education and training are the backbone of the shipping industry, as the industry is dependent on well-trained crew and staff members. There is a need of continued investment in the skills required for the changing needs of the ships in the future and to promote careers at sea.

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Recent and current agenda topics include:

Social Partner Agreement on the 2014 ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) amendments

Social Dialogue with European Transport Workers’ Federation 

Social Dumping

Union Code on Visas

Proposal on a European Transport and Information System

Schengen Border Code

Passenger rights when travelling by sea and inland waterway