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ECSA elects Thomas Rehder as new President

Gallery matte-7Thomas Rehder has been elected as the new President of the European Community Shipowners' Associations, with Niels Smedegaard, President and CEO of DFDS, as Vice-president. Mr. Rehder thus replaces Juan Riva who had been at the helm of ECSA since June 2011.

Since 1987 Thomas Rehder is Managing Partner at Carsten Rehder (GmbH & Co), where he also became responsible for the shipowning side of the business in 1996. Carsten Rehder presently operates 25 container vessels and 5 bulk carriers. He is also Chairman of the Maritime and Ports Committee of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and board member of Det Norske Veritas, Oslo.

Before closing the meeting, ECSA members warmly thanked outgoing President Mr. Riva for his contribution during these increasingly challenging times for the shipping industry.

Mr Riva said: “During the last 2 years, the defense of our industry has proved to be a difficult task. I am however convinced that the new President will be successful in steering the ECSA ship through these troubled waters.”

Gallery matte-8Making reference to the appointment of Patrick Verhoeven as the new Secretary-General, as well as to recent changes in ECSA’s internal structure, Mr. Riva added: “In the course of these last few years, the ECSA platform has successfully been renewed and I have no doubt that it will act as an enabler for the years to come. The vessel has been well prepared for the future”. 

Following the ECSA Board meeting, Thomas Rehder pointed out that: "Many challenges still lie ahead but we can build on what we have achieved so far. More than before, we must express the contribution that shipping makes to society at large as an enhancer of the EU in international trade. Particular focus will be put on making the sustainability of shipping an ever more important aspect of our business”  


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